Who thinks that the energy of the universe is balanced?

For example, every time something goes wrong in my life, it somehow inadvertently corrects itself - usually in a most unusual or unexpected manner. It almost seems like the universe is in accord and no matter what happens, everything works out right in the end. Does anyone else feel the same?

Answer #1

I’m not too sure. Maybe in some situations I guess. But for me it seems everything ends badly but I guess I’m just too pessimistic. I guess I haven’t experienced life enough to really know for sure but I guess its possible that the universe does something right sometimes. I’ll just have to wait and see for myself

Answer #2

I think the universe is almost always in balance. Maybe not for each one personally, but in the whole the balance between good and bad almost always remains even.

Like I always say, without evil there could be no good…

Answer #3

I hope it is :] Everytime something bad happens I try my best to forgive. Look up and smile :]

Answer #4

I cant say I agree or disagree because I know I have suffered a lot & i am a good person according to what others say about me…(i am not conceded if that is what you are thinking) but in some cases I tend to see that even when i am hurt by someone, they wind up getting hurt 2x harder…i think it’s all about karma…what you project is what you get back!

if you keep saying it’s going to be a sh!tty day then that is what will be…people will run into you make you spill or drop your coffee on you & you might even almost get hit by a cab on the way to work! Tell yourself on the other hand that it’s going to be a great day & watch yourself smile…not having a care in the world about what happens around you & have that last bagel with cream cheese that had your name all over it & the best cup of coffee to start the day & smile and you will have a great day!

Problem is we are so fed up with the whole, smile thing that we just want to be realists & that sometimes turns into us becoming pessimists…(I know first hand…I have been there & done that!) I am tired of living that way…I am sure so are most of us… it’s really tiring to rethink things all the time, why did he do that to me? why did he say that to me… why was I pushed like that by him….why did she ruin my dress like that a sister…gawd I am so tired of always having to wonder why my mother hates me…so I have stopped…I am not going to try understanding her anymore…if she chooses to hate on me with my brother then fine, so be it…that wont make me ruin my day anymore…she will get what she deserves in due time…because there is balance…you hurt some one get hurt by someone else…that is why they say dont do onto others what you dont want done to you! Karma is a b!tch…you dont want to mess with it! :)

Answer #5

I think the Universe balances everything out. We may feel as though everything is falling apart and going wrong but if you look back on something years later, you will think about things that would never of happened if that one thing had not happened (if I’m making sense…). I think everybody’s life works out for the best, it’s just for good things to happen, we have to sacrifice other things which at the time will be upsetting but everything will work out for the best.

Answer #6

I don’t believe that is an absolute rule. For some people, yes, bad things happen and then good things seem to follow, but maybe it is just that after an episode of bad events we focus more on the good things that happen in our lives and notice them more.

I personally belief that good things and bad things happen to all people regardless of what bad or good things happened to them before.

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