who thinks america is NOT a free country but just a country with more rights than others?

Answer #1

No country is free, all countrys are regulated in some form of way. The only reason people say America is free is because of the Amendments guaranteeing our rights and the rules of the different branches of government layed out

Answer #2

I agree with Neill, America is considered free because you can go out and say something opinionated and controversial, but you will not be arrested. Also like neill said, no country is free, there needs to be some type of leadership. Anarchy only leads to disaster, people can’t handle pure 100% freedom, it’s the sad fact of life.

Answer #3

Agreed with bowchikalbowwow. America is a free country; you can protest against the government without being jailed, you can critise a current government without needing to watch your back or be weary your whole family will be persecuted. Citizens have a say which party will become the government. Also, many movies, songs and the way people dress are never censored unless it’s dirty and naughty stuff :) Citizens can decide who they want to marry regardless of their religion or culture background. Citizens can earn a living, purchase house, own cars and create their wealth, without needing to fund the lifestyles of corrupt government officials who only wants to generate wealth and profits for their families at the expense of their own citizens.

America is the same as Australia, one damn good country to live in and the best lifestyle. If one is willing to work hard, the world is their oyster. BTW, Aussies are the nicest people on the planet.

Answer #4

True that, ive met only a few but everyone have gone out of their way to help others. Its really amazing.

Answer #5

America is not a “free” country in every way “free” can be expressed..you can’t just go around doing whatever you want because you are “free”. There are responsibilities, and America is also about responsibilities..a nation couln’t survive in Anarchy..there are responsibilities and consequences, and in America those responsibilities and consequences are for the sake of our people (or at least thats the intention must of the time)

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