What if my parents and friends think I'm anorexic?

my parents think im anorexic and even my friends are starting to worry. im naturally quite thin or thats what I get told. but I dont see that I see myself as FAT!!! I hardly ever eat breakfast then dont eat lunch when im in school but when I get home I normally have something then when its tea I only eat a bit of it… everyone is judging me. when I was little people used to bully me and call me anorexic and a skinny b*h and now I just wish I was them things because I just dont see that help me please?

Answer #1


If you’re not eating, this is unhealthy. Especially if you’re not eating and then in the next sentence you say that you wish you saw yourself as skinny and anorexic but you don’t.

You need to talk to someone and get help. It sounds like you have an eating disorder.

Regards, Dara (aka editor)

Answer #2

im 19,weigh eh prob 110 pounds or so,dunno how i have wide hips and stuff. prob bc im 5’4 or what not.lol but i used to skip breakfast bc i was never hungry. eat some lunch, then sometimes dinner. are you under a lot of stress? i was under a ton of stress and still am and stuff. i was sick for a while,like hurting from gasiness and stuff like that. thats why i didnt wanna eat much bc it hurt me. i need to see a doctor still,last time i saw 1 they told me i had acid reflux disease or a stomach ulcer. i have a tiny middle section i was born with though. ppl were accusing me of the same stuff and worried. but the fact is i wasnt starving myself or ne thing. im much better now eating breakfast,lunch, sometimes dinner or just a snack or something. now ppl think im a diabetic instead. now if i dunt eat btw 10-11 i get real sick. do you always feel full? is that why ur not eating breakfast and stuff? thats how it is with me,usually a sign of being diabetic. dont feel bad ur not alone on this one!

Answer #3

its the same problem.. if your thin, your starving yourself, if youre FAT, you must over eat. which is not true in alot of cases. if you know you’re not starving yourself, your fine.

Answer #4

If you know what your IQ is, then mabye you could deduece that this has something to do with your brain as well. I am not a female nor a homosexual, but I do fancy offering advice. The brain uses the most of the body’s calories, so better intellectuals like myself are prone to being thinner then most even after eating a lot. A good example is Death Note where L is severly underweight because of his massive intelligence.

Answer #5

You’re not the only one. My sis looks Almost Anorexic, but its the way she was born. She’s older than me, . 20 . and I just turned 19. People DON’T at ALL Believe her when they ask her age.
They Always say she looks 12 or maybe 15. It’s crazy and She is ssooo Small too! She can Eat like a pig and everything goes through her. Sadly, Unlike me, if I eat like a pig, it all turns to Fat , plus I have a horrible condition called GERD.

Hope you feel better soon!

P.S. I wish I looked like you in that picture! If that’s you… =)

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