how many pints of water should I drink a day???

im 8 and a half 2 9 stone so how many pints of water should I drink a day?

Answer #1

I dont know but cant drink too much water because you’ll die of water overflow…I don’t know what its called but research because you could die if you drink too much water…

Answer #2

your suppose to drink at least 8 pints a day either that or too large water bottles you know like those sports one and don’t worry you won’t die if you don’t drink 42 pints a day

Answer #3

You can use your urine colour as a guide. Aim for it to be light straw coloured and you know then that your liquid intake is adequate. You can make yourself ill if you drink too much water so be careful with that. It is said that about 4 pints of water throughout the course of a day is enough.

Answer #4

I’ve always heard half your body weight in ounces. So if you were 100 pounds, you would drink 50 ounces a day.

Answer #5

O_O there is no real certain amount of water you should drink but about 2 liters should be the standart

Answer #6

42 pints.

Otherwise… YOU’LL DIE!

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