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The Concept of Atheism

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To you atheists out there listen up.

To what do you place your faith in? Atheism to me is the highest level of narcissism. To believe that none is higher or more powerful than yourself and there couldn't possibly be something greater than you. You believe in your own power not the power of faith. You despair in your own pride yet grieve in your feeble concepts of relying on yourself and placing your hopes on falsified circumstances to make yourself feel better. There is nothing wrong with personal strength we all have it but Tell me

Where do you place your faith?

If in humanity what about the concept of the soul? To be atheist is to deny the concept of a soul. You admit you have consciousness and life but no soul. How sorrowful is that?

The concept of life after death? You believe you die then you do. No higher plane of existence? But, doesn't that contradict you? To believe you are the highest of the high , the greatest of the great yet a place is not prepared for you?

Tell me

Where do you place your faith?