Immaculate Conception someone give me the missing parts?

Can someone give me the missing piece of the puzzle? Either Jesus was an ugly girl, or didnt exist, Or wasn’t the son of Mary, or Mary wasnt a virgin. If Mary was a virgin, she couldnt have given birth to a boy.

Answer #1

It’s a question of what you believe. If you believe it, you believe it. If you don’t, you don’t. I’m not saying which way you should see it, that’s your decision. xx

Answer #2

God worked that miracle and He’s still in the business of miracles.

Answer #3

the13thxchild - a surname back in my family records indicate that I have at least one prostitute ancestor too. Does that make me a prostitute?

(PS I agree that Rahab the prostitute is in the family tree - absolutely true. Women who used sex to get justice too. But that doesn’t have any particular meaning to Mary’s personal history.)

So, I think that the original question implies that a virgin birth would be cloned and therefore could only produce another girl, perhaps. Have I understood you correctly, teendollie12?

My answer would be that there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that humans can spontaneouly clone, so that can’t be an explanation for the conception of Jesus. Either it’s a miracle (which I believe) or a myth (which Toadaly believes) or a lie by a girl with a dubious past (which thethirteenthxchild may believe)! I suggest you shouldn’t believe any of us, but do some broad research of your own…

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Answer #5

okay, am I missing something??? jesus must have been an ugly girl…because a virgin can’t give birth to a boy…

what in the world are you talking about???

Answer #6

wth are you talking about? That makes no since, but I don’t think she was a virgin. The females in her blood line her prostitutes(not a lie). Jesus had 4 brothers & a # of accounted sisters, fill in the blanks. BUT the birth of MAry herself was some what of a miracle, her mother was unfertile when she had her.

Answer #7

Christianity rests on the virgin birth, and the death on the cross, of a sinless, substitue for us.

Millions have believed this to be the truth, and have lived their entire lives accordingly, and the beautiful thing is, they still do.

The truths of the bible are being attacked from all sides, especially in this generation, however, for the Christians, we stand for the truth of the bible, and what it contains.

We believe that God did what he said, and said what he did.

Answer #8

Well, technically women today can be virgins and have a baby. Ever heard of in vitro fertilization?

Answer #9

Mary was a virgin. It was a miracle, thats all there is to it.

Answer #10

Here here Flossheal! Good Answer

Answer #11

Firstly, the immaculate conception in Catholicism refers to Mary‘s conception without sin, not Jesus’ conception via magic, er um, I mean the holy spirit.

Secondly, the idea of the virgin birth is obvious myth. No explanation is needed.

Answer #12

Do a word study on “Immaculate conception”

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