what should i do tennis lessons or piano lessons?

my mom tried to get me in poiano years ago but i was little and of course i said no but now i actually want to do it but im afraid of what she might say. also i love tennis?

Answer #1

do what you like the most .. tennis is cool but piano is just amazing !

Answer #2

yeh i had already made up my mind so yeah imma play piano, but I dont know how my mom is gonna react????? because she tried to get me to play wen i was like 6

Answer #3

Well it makes sense she tried to get you to play at age 6. The younger you are the easier it is to pick up. But if she was willing to get you lessons then, I dont see why she wouldnt be willing to get you lessons now. I mean she can hardly hold you accountable for what you said when you were 6. Honestly very few kids would be willing to learn the piano at age 6. With the exception of kids who are just born with natural talent, most kids have to be forced to learn.

Answer #4

well i would think about the future and think which 1 would i improve on and get a better achievement on… at tennis u could become a tennis player, or if u do piano lessons then u can become a musician or music teacher.. but its up 2 u… Hope That helps x

Answer #5

piano is way better & relaxing. tennis is kinda boring.

Answer #6

Piano (:

Answer #7

I vote for piano. I do it and it is tons of fun. Also my personal opinion is that you don’t really need lessons to learn to play tennis (especially if you are only doing it for the fun of it - you can just join a club later on or play casually with friends).

Answer #8

Do you play any other sports? If so, then I strongly recommend piano. If not, I still recommend piano. Music develops a part of your brain nothing else can develop, and you can play it all year, rain or shine. I think of tennis as more of a spring/summer/fall sport when it is warm and dry. A wet tennis court is not very safe. Still, choose whatever is best for you.

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