How do I teach my headmaster a lesson?

I’ve asked this once. But I still need some more help. Please, whatever your idea is, just let me know. Before I tell you the main problem, let me explain some facts. I’m in matriculation grade(grade 11) in my country. The final exam decides Top ten students out of all students in this country. All the headmasters of all schools want his students to become one of Top students because they want to be famous. My headmaster is one of them. I moved to his school last year. I’m still in his school this year. I’m not bragging. But I’m a top student in my school. My headmaster expects me to be one of the top students in the whole country. He knows me well. But he is so lousy. He shows people that he has authorities on people by shouting at them in front of others. He shouted at me one day, pretending that he doesn’t know me at all. He yelled at me in front of 50 students who respect me. He always shows that he’s so busy that he doesn’t remember any of the students’ names. It is the first time I was yelled at in my whole life. I want to move to another school to make him regret. But my parents are so busy that they can’t arrange it and my teachers all request me not to move to another school. I hate my headmaster. I studied hard because I wanted my school to be more prestigious and I wanted to make my headmaster pleased. Now he embarrassed me. I was so angry with him that I cried. Please tell me how to teach him a lesson.

Answer #1

Many, many people have been yelled at and embarassed - you are not unique in that respect - dust yourself off and get up, instead of plotting revenge - so, how to teach him a lesson the right way….Excell - in a mature/dignified manner….I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

Dear rebecca388, First of all it’s not about being yelled at…we all get yelled at at one time or another and in the real world you’ll be yelled at by a lot of people. What is at stake here is you want to teach him a lesson??? This is inappropriate. You should address this matter with him in private. Explain how this embarrassed you and that you would expect him to handle the situation differently next time. This is what a mature grade 11 student would do. Sue…good luck

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