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Well im picking the lessons im going to take for my gcses next year but my mum wants me to start having a idea of what I pick. My friends roughly know what they want to be when they’re older but I dont really know. Im deffo doing dance and drama but I sort of want to be a nail artist or hairdresser but theres nothing to help me with that, what lessons could I pick for that?

Answer #1

no I might ask the school council to ask and start it, but the school most likely wouldn’t/

Answer #2

hmm…in are school there is a hairdressing course as a side project in one column so ask about it in your school?

Answer #3

Dont let your mum be too pushy with you. you are still at an age where most people cant decide what they want to do and shouldnt have to. I remember being put under a lot of pressure at that time and it wasnt at all nice. Taking things you enjoy is the best option. obviously try to do best you can in english math and science as that will help you get into college if thats the way you will go about it.

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