How can i make my teeth whiter?

I always hear people say use baking soda, but is there any thing else I can use? I also rather not buy any whiting strips. My dad told me to stay away from neon colored candy and drinks, and eat alot of fruit forsome reason?

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There is an expensive way and a not so expensive way but sorta messy. The expensive way is at the dentist. They will give you a mouth tray and teeth whitening gel that you use for a few days once or twice a day. It will cost you from $300 to $600 dollars.

The less expensive way is the whitening strips or gels. The Strips they have the same medicine (Hydrogen Peroxide) that the dentist will give you but some people have problems with them. Some cheaper versions will not adhere to the teeth as well and you will constantly be adjusting the strip or feeling it come off in your mouth and when the medicine sips out it burns your tongue and gum's a little bit.

Some versions that are more pricey will have a better seal but you are still very aware of them in your mouth.

I found a good one at Wal-Mart that comes with a tray and has the gel like at the Doctors. Since it is a universal tray it may not fit as well as the one that the doctors have. Also all the store brands only cover the teeth that are exposed when you smile and not all of your teeth. The strips would be the worse as it only covers the front top four and bottom four and just the front part.

Here is the version I use. I only just started so I don't know how well it will work. I got it at Wal-Mart.

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Oh, don't be fooled by the bit red "5 MINUTE" it doesn't mean that you will have whiter teeth in 5 minutes. It means that you use it for 5 minutes in the morning and night every day until is gone. lol!! It may take a week or two. Some people need to take a break because the peroxide burns.

How do you get whiter teeth?

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you can try babkng soda with ur toothpaste !:}

How do I get whiter teeth naturally?
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You can, but you will not get the look that you see when people have gotten their teeth whitened by going to the dentist or the strips. The baking soda only works as an abrasive to polish the surface stains. The medicine in the dentist solution and in the trays actually penetrates the enamel to bleach your teeth.

How can you get whiter teeth?

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after you brush your teeth rinse with peroxide. i started doing this and it's worked pretty good

how can I make my teeth whiter?
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Eat a lot of lemons the citric acid whiten your teeth..but it wears down your enamel a lot.

Homemade ways to make teeth whiter?

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brush with baking soda :)
takes out stains

How dye actually get whiter teeth?

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