How can i make my teeth whiter?

how can I make my teeth whiter? like their white but I brush and floss and stuff but what can I do to make em whiter

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crest white strips for like two weeks straight works really well, every few months.

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buy a whitening toothpaste (there is this one I used to use, it's a gold coloured package) could be colgate , im not sure.. bu you'll notice the change in about 2 weeks, don't expect sooner results.. they take a while to become effective!

How do you get whiter teeth?

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brushing and flossing is key. My dentist was impressed with my teeth in between checks and he asked me about how I was brushing and whitening.

I told him I brought an electric tooth brush and brushed for 2 cycles for a total or4 minutes twice a day. I also use Crest Pro-Health paste and good floss picks and I gargle with straight peroxide (in the brown bottle) before I brush and floss then finish after brushing and flossing with Listerine. I also occasionally use the new Crest "seal" whitner...they stay in place and are worth the money. I use them overnight. Funmail me if you wish :-) good luck

How can I make my teeth whiter if I have braces?
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They have dental whitner kits I get mine at target

How do I get whiter teeth naturally?

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ichibanarky is right, baking sodea, or you could byt theose whitening gels they sell!

How can you get whiter teeth?
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Brush with baking soda each's not a quick solution (it takes a few days to notice any change) but it's cheap and easy to do and the effects last awhile (I actually do this every day)

How to make my teeth whiter?

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You can buy some White strips such as Crest White strips, or you can get a Mouth Wash such as Listerine whitening foam rinser or something like that.
Good luck.

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