How can i make my teeth whiter if i have braces?

I got braces about 3 months ago. I want to get my teeth white so when I get my braces taken off my teeth won't be gross. How can I make my teeth whiter?

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brush up
but do not whiten them yet
wait untill you get your braces off
because the part benieth your braces
will not get whitened. therefore you
will get ugly yellow blotches
whenever you finally get them
braces off. just wait:)
please comment on my
question thanksss:)

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just brush your teeth every time you eat..I just went to the orthodontist today and they complimented my teeth for being so white and I dont do anything special except brushing them a lot but I also use phos-fur every one in a while

Whitening teeth with braces

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Many people have used a diluted hydrogen-peroxide solution to whiten teeth. It acts as a very weak acid that, over time, can help dissolve the materials that cause discoloration. It might be good alternative to consider since strips might not work for you.

How do you make your teeth whiter?
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You can't really notice if teeth aren't perfectly white when you have braces (I have braces too) But you can make sure you brush like your orthodontist says and also try Phos-Flur. My ortho recommended it to me, it's sold pretty cheap and if you google it you can find different types. They are also flavored and it works like a mouthwash to prevent your teeth from getting white spots and looking weird and ugly. But don't try to whiten your teeth with braces on because when you get your braces of there will be a difference where the brace was to what has been whitened.

Hope this helped :)

Homemade ways to make teeth whiter?

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