Teeth- braces

Hi :). Im getting train track braces fitted top and bottom next week and Im actually quite excited. Although I am worried in case it hurts or what They will look like. A couple of days before I am having bands fitted and I Was wondering what do they do and are they sore? What colours can you Get on your braces and do they look nice when fitted ? Thanks

Answer #1

it hurts for a while. about 3 hours after they put them on. so enjoy your meals the day before because you wont have a conforable one for a while

a while means about a week tho

Answer #2

getting the braces fitted isnt what hurts, actually nothing in the procedure hurts TOO bad, I would say if your looking for a better word, sore would be the one, when I first got my braces they were sore for less then a week, but its so worth it in the end , you can get just about any color and goodluck!!! :)

Answer #3

I just got mine taken off in septemberrr. they only hurt the first two days, but they give you these little wafer things to bite on to relieve the pain. goood luck! ;)

Answer #4

it only hurts for the first week. they straighten your teeth is what they do. you can get any color. sont worry about it.

Answer #5

I’ve had braces for 4 years, actually I’m going to get them adjusted on Tuesday. The rubber bands are only tiny and they help to just squeeze a tiny gap between your teeth so that the brace can be fitted. They feel slightly irritable to start off with, but you’ll get used to them really quickly- one of mine actually fell out when I was eating. I could only get silver and blakc traintracks, but it depends what dentist you go to I suppose. The traintrack braces take about 2 weeks to properly get used to. I have to admit they do hurt a little and are uncomfortable to start off with- espeically when you’re eating. When I first got mine fitted, my top lip stuck out a little, but it’s ok now! Sometimes they hurt such as if you have some wire sticking out from them, so make sure your dentist always cuts all the wire back, otherwise it scratches into your gums- even the tiniest bit can really hurt! I’m sure they’ll look fine- loads of people have them, and after a while you’ll get so used ot them you won’t even notice them!

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