Teaching the boy to swim

My nephew is 5 years old and has not learned to swim. His mother apparently had a bad experience while she was in the pool with him. Apparently with water wings and all he took in too much water, started coughing and had a slight panic attack. A few months later I took him swimming. My nephew was frighten at first, but with good coahing and patience the boy was doing cannon balls, all be it with water wings. Nonetheless I was reprimanded by my brother and sister in law for taking their son swimming. The kids has to learn sometime or other. I’m I in the wrong?

Answer #1

Admittedly it is their choice, but you might explain to them the value of knowing how to swim and the fact that it is easiest to learn and become a natural instinct while a person is young.

Answer #2

Yes it is probably best for him to learn to swim… Try explaining that if he ever fell into water by accident then it would probably be a good thing if he could swim… However, it is still their kid and their decision to make… You may not agree with it, but you do have to respect it…

Answer #3

Absolutely not. They’re just being completely paranoid and stuff. The boy learned right? Well, if anything, they’re the ones in the wrong.

Answer #4

That’s a problem. They do have the right to ask you not to take him swimming. I think they’re mistaken but they do have that right. What bothered them most - the fact that you’d done it without asking them in advance? Or the fact that he had been in the water at all? Maybe they could learn to cope with the idea if you chat to them about if for a bit and explain firstly your concerns and secondly the care you will take. If you have some swimming or lifesaving qualifications, for example, or can go with a friend who does, that should help to reassure them.

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