Tax refund

I’m only 14 but I think I have a really good idea. I know about these tax refunds and stuff. My idea is they should give money to the kids. Because many adults would save and not spent the money but kids would go and buy stuff right away. Example: if someone handed me one hundred dollars right now, it would be gone in 2 seconds.

What are your thoughts?

Answer #1

When you get money given to you, it’s really not appreciated. When you have to work for it, you spend it wisely. I will not be giving my tax refund to anyone. See, it’s a refund and I worked hard for my money.

Answer #2

…by this logic, the government should just go to the mall with the money, and then burn everything it buys. Just imagine how stimulated the economy would be then!

Answer #3

Then the adults would be p-oed because theyre not getting their refund!!

Answer #4

they government is giving the money back so it can be put back into the economy. so the quicker its spent, the quicker the economy would go up

Answer #5

Maybe parents save their tax refund money so their kids can go to college. Or have a car, or a wedding. Or, maybe they save it so that during a recession, if they lose their job, they’ll have something to pay the bills with.

You know what else stimulates the economy? Investing money. It’s even better than buying because you’ll eventually get back more than what you put in! Parents do that with their money, too.

Answer #6

why wood you want all the money 2 be gona so quick? adults save the money 4 stuff like car probs house payments rent and stuff like that

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