Who here actually knows about tattoos that glow in the dark?

as far as how much they could cost and the ink itself(what harm it does to the body)?

Answer #1

it could range anywhere from $80 – $200 dollars an hour depending on a few factors (the size, complexity of design, whether you’ve selected tattoo flash from the tattoo studio or request a custom design, the location of the tattoo shop, etc). they are “safe” just as a normal tattoo… but there is still risk of rejction & infection. this website http://funadvice.com/r/14kvdm39f22 can give you some additional information

Answer #2

I don’t know that theres such thing because in order to do that they have to put that liquid that makes stuff in your skin and I don’t think that they have a way to do that yet. :/

Answer #3

I see I greatly appreciate it. As I am looking into getting UV Tattoo. Like Scratches that go done my neck. Something like that. Yeah i just wanted to know if they were as safe as a normal tattoo. Thanks again.

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