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I want a tatoo and I am 16 but my parents dont want to have anything to do with getting it, If someone that comes with me is 18 then can I still get it done ?

Answer #1

It has to be your parents

Answer #2

yea they normally wont there are some places that are strict and some that dont give a dam so its very tricky

Answer #3

is anyone from round uxbridge area and knows somewhere around there that does it ? My friend got one done, but her mum went with her, but they didnt ask her mum any questains about who she was or anything,

Answer #4

a heart with a bow round it so it looks like the bow is being tied up round the heart, looks better when I draw it then when I explane it,

And does parents consent needed everywhere or are some places, more likley to allow you to get one with someone who is 18

Answer #5

You need parental consent. Somple places ask for yours and your parents ID to make sure they are your actual parents.

Answer #6

it sometimes depends on the state too so you should look up the law and here’s a website to look at for more info http://www.preferredconsumer.com/teen/articles/tattoo.html

Answer #7

In the uk it doesn’t matter if you have someone go with you in most places they won’t do it. A few places will though, thats how I’m getting mine. But yeh I think its parental consent.

Answer #8

it has to be gardian consent

Answer #9

most likely yes thats how my friend got hers she took her cousin who is 18 with her. what kindof tatto are you getting?

Answer #10

at 16 no real profesional will peirce you and what there doing is most likley illegal also noo, tyou need parental consent an an 18 year old would not have a16 year old kid you really shoule wait another 2 years to figure out what you want and if you actually want it on you for the rest of your life

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