How to get rid of dark circles and have my skin glow?

how can I get rid off my darkcircles and how can I make my skin glow.. I am fair.. but I vant have a glowing skin…

Answer #1

to cover dark circles try using a yellow concealer I know it sounds wierd but I promise I know what I am talking about…for glowing skin try using an exfoliating facewash followed by moisturizer when you do your makeup use a thin layer of liquid foundation and if needed follow with powder dust on a little bronzer (I am very fair skin toned as well and a lot of bronzers are too dark) try bonne bells glimmer dust it works awesome…

Answer #2

The yellow based concealer is correct - on the color wheel when talking about skin tones or hair colors - it’s the same - yellow cancells out green (the dark circles under your eyes are actually green toned skin) - for redness use a blue based concealer or powder - the mineral powders work best for staying power and coverage

Answer #3

If you have dark circles like… around your eyes, that means that you aren’t getting enough sleep. To get glowing skin, you just have to experiment with different kinds of foundations. Its hard to suggest one for you because it depends on your type of skin and whatnot.

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