How old should you be to get a tattoo?

how old do you think someone should be 2 get one? because im 15 and got one last week and so did my 13 year old brother

Answer #1

Hold up the let your 13 yr old brother get one…were the hell is this place…your not allowed to get one unless your 18 LEGALLY, or turning 18 and you have a legal guardian present..the only places I know were you can get them done illegally is by your friends…therefore…bad choice…

Answer #2

it really don’t matter. I’m getting onee when I turn 18 it’s going to be a heart and inside is going to me my friends initals JDM… becuase my friend got in a car reck and died. I think that as long as it means something. a lot of kids at my school have them.

Answer #3

age dont matter as long as your mature enough for it. if your going to do it you need to be smart about it and have a really good reason for it. you dont want something there your going to regret later

Answer #4
  1. thats the legal age, not only because of the things you need to ign in case something goes wrong, but at 18 your more likely to know what you want. at 13 or 15 its very likely that youll regret your descision later on.especially with things like band names and symbols, and boyfreind/girlfreinds names. you really need to KNOW what you want, and still love it 10, 30, 60 years down the line
Answer #5

18-years-old at least. I got my first one at 14-years-old but I still don’t think people that age should be able to.

Answer #6

you shouldnt even get 1 dummy

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