How old do you have to be to get a tattoo with parent permission?

I want to know how old some one has to be to get a tattoo in New York state with parents permission. If anyone can help me I’d really appericiate it.

Answer #1

18 in every state, it’s concidered child abuse before then I work in a tattoo shop so who ever said 13 was wrong because they either did it illegally or not in the US

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Answer #3

thanks everyone…I just want a little heart on my foot and the word “believe” and “L” is going to be the pink brest cancer ribbion. SO thanks for the info :)

Answer #4

legally no 13 year old child can get a tattoo even with parental consent unless the tattooist was illegally tattooing her, unfortnantly that happens quite often in some places they will tattoo you at a minumin of 16 years old only with parental consent but most places, especially the profesional places will only tattoo you at 18 years old when you are legally an adult a tattoo is on you for life and most children dont want what they get end up getting tattooed on them for the rest of there lives

Answer #5

No problem. Hope all goes well.

Answer #6

18 w/o a parent. My neice got a tattoo for her 13 b-day because her mom was w her when she got it.

Answer #7

I believe the age there is 17 or 18

Answer #8


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