best place to hide a tattoo

I want to qet a tattoo I’m 15&&I already qot one&&my parents are ohkay with it but I want another&&they won’t let me qet it I no a quy who would do it for me…but where on yhr body is the best place to hide a tattoo.???

Answer #1

yeah back or just ask them they’ve already let youu get one so just be really goood and then they might hahaha :)

Answer #2

Well I think you should wait it out because if you get caught with it your going to be in a lot of trouble, Wait till your 18 and see if you still want the tat but dont go sneek off like a child and get one done. And to answer you question your upper back or on your leg if you dont ware shorts. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #3

I suggest you keep asking your parents, or try making a compromise with them. If you birthday is coming up or something you could tell them the tatoo could be your birthday present or something.

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