Do you think this will taste good for my daughter?

Me, my son, and my father in law are making milk shakes tonight. I dont want to leave my daughter out so I chilled 8 oz of formula and froze two containers of banana vanilla baby yogurt. Im going to blend them with a little rice cerial. By the way shes almost a year old and has 10 teeth so she is able to eat these foods. Do you think that this will be a good treat for her? She is used to drinking cold formula because we have been chilling it and mixing it with cows milk to wean her off formula but will the frozen yogurt make it too cold for her do you think?

Answer #1

She might find it a little unusual, but I’m sure she’ll like it.. I could imagine her face when she realizes how cold it is lol.. how cute

Answer #2

I think she will like it, it sounds pretty good!

If you are concerned about the temperature, don’t give it to her right away. Let it sit just a little bit…that way it won’t be super cold..but it will still be cold, and will still have the texture of a milkshake. :)

Answer #3

She ended up loving it! lol she didnt seem to mind the coldness of it at all!

Answer #4

no offense hun, but I’ld be a little careful with that. if it is too cold…it might lead to an upset stomach, so I would def agree with Angel…maybe leave it out a bit, you dont want it to cause her stomach pain causing her to have number 3 sort of speak…:(

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