Does Taco Bell deliver anywhere?

I’ve looked and I’ve yes’s and no’s.

Answer #1

I’ve never known Taco Bell to deliver, but it may be different per area.

Answer #2

I doubt it. I have never heard of Taco Bell delivering.

The best way to find out if the Taco Bell in your area delivers or not, is to look their number up, and give them a call.

Answer #3

There’s a town in another state that did it as a trial run, so… I don’t know.

Answer #4

Like I said, the best way to find out is to call them.

Answer #5

No need to be snappy!

Answer #6

How exactly was I being snappy? I was helping you, by answering your question.

Answer #7

Ok. Don’t need drama today :)

Answer #8

Never thought they did.But they can in like other countries because like they deliver mcdonalds in like japan on these little motor bikes with mcdonalds flags :DD lucky.

Answer #9

oh goodness. I just want some good food that delivers. My mom’s in the hospital and their food is wayyyyy tooo expensive ..

Answer #10

Umm, I am not starting drama? I simply answered your question.

Answer #11

There are taco bells in certain towns that do in fact deliver, however, its usually only in very big cities and they charge you for delivery. My cousin lives in an area of new york and the tacobell by her home delivers along with alot of other fast food places. Im so jealous!

Answer #12

What about pizza? Several pizza places deliver.

Answer #13

Oh, now I’m jealous.

Answer #14

ok, well you did that. And all I did was comment on it… so ..

Answer #15


Answer #16

just stop commenting back! geez.

Answer #17

This went awry for no reason at all…I don’t see where Angel got snappy…I think you’re over-reacting

Answer #18

I think I wasn’t. If you were me, at the time, you probably would have to. She’s always been rude to me anyway, so it’s cool.

Answer #19

No, not where I live but I wish!

Answer #20

not near the hospital where we’re at.

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