Survey: What is your opion on wind farms?

Geography survey:

What is your opinion on wind farms?

any answers greatly appreciated!

Answer #1

great we should have more.better then nuclear any day. toni

Answer #2

I think there great. Wind is renewable haha. We should be using that instead of the things were goign to run out of someday. =]

Answer #3

I think, like emmymaroon said, IF they’re done right, they’re awesome! I mean, a whole bunch of windmills is WAAAY better than a whole humungous nuclear power plant!

Answer #4

Yah, when’s the last time a windmill blew up?

Answer #5

They are dangerous to birds, but if done right, I think they’re great. I think an even better and more reliable source is harness the tides. The wind isn’t always there, the tides come in and out every day.

Answer #6

I think they are a good thing,harnessing the natural power of the wind is essential to tackle globel warming,wind power does not produce dangerious waste nor does it contribute to globel warming.

Answer #7

All for them if they make a positive contribution towards solving our energy needs - although I think nuclear done safely is the best way / most efficient.

Answer #8

I think they look rediculous. A littlw windmill thingy here and there ok, but not several hundred of them on a hillside.

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