What are the potental health effects of wind turbines?

There’s been a ton of debate lately, if these things are actually healthy for the people and animals that are living near them, but yet the hydro companies still keep putting them up.

Answer #1

if u touch them while spinning u will b in hospital nearly dead =/ sorry my bad humor

Some health aspects of wind driven industrial turbines. Mental and physiological health Health, specifically mental health, can be defined as the absence of any identifiable psychiatric disorder according to current norms (Freeman, 1984). In noise research, mental health covers a variety of symptoms, ranging from anxiety, emotional stress, nervous complaints, nausea, headaches, instability, argumentativeness, sexual impotency, changes in general mood, anxiety, and social conflicts, to more general psychiatric categories like neurosis, psychosis and hysteria (Berglund and Lindvall 1995). thats all i can find

Answer #2

Thanks for the info. You definitely wouldn’t catch me climbing up on one of those things (either spinning or not)…but thanks for the tip! LOL!

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Answer #4

It’s windy enough already, without all these Wind Turbines and Wind Farms to make even more of it.

Think of all the Hurricanes and Typhoons that we get already, …..

now they do cause a health hazard.

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