Can to many surgeries for the same thing be bad for you?

I have endometriosis and about to have a 4th surgery for it, is it safe to keep getting the surgery

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s really bad for you, or they wouldn’t keep doing it..however, it seems a little redundant. Why not just get a hysterectomy and be done with it?

Answer #2

I don’t have a hysterectomy done because of the fear of the hormones given me cancer

Answer #3

Wow, I have no clue what this is, but it does not sound good.

Answer #4

If they leave your ovaries, you don’t need hormones

Answer #5

Both my ovaries have allready been taken out cuz they were so messed up, all I have r my tubes and uterus left

Answer #6

Then having a hysterectomy isn’t going to change anything…if you don’t need hormones now, you won’t need them when they take out the uterus

Answer #7

Endometriosis is when the lineing of ur uterus grows on the outside of ur uterus, its almost like a fungus that keeps growin and it can attach to other organs and mess them up to

Answer #8

R u serious? My doc never told me that, I will check on that, thx so much I appreciate ur help

Answer #9

WOW, that sounds bad, sorry to hear that.

Answer #10

Well I shud actually be happy bout not haveing any pain with it, it can get to be disableing, so I’m happy I have no pain with it as most women do, I don’t like surgery though

Answer #11

I know of a woman who had everything removed (ovaries and uterus) and never needed hormone replacement therapy. If you are health etc, your chances are less of having to take artificial hormones. You’ll need to discuss it with your doctor though.

Answer #12

it is not safe to keep getting surgeries the scar tissues is hard to cut though try to find around it trust me more surgeries worse its going to get

Answer #13

yes they could.My dad has had over 25 five operations on his back.It gets very rough because of all the scar tissue.Better to try another solution.I mean he goes around telling people to not let people operate on them because it just makes things worse.

Answer #14

My mother had a hysterectomy done, she never needed hormones? Maybe you should talk to your doctor about this further.

Answer #15

I’m goin to cuz of wat Colleen said, he never told me I wudnt need hormones cuz I don’t have my ovaries, he shud have told me that

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