Should i peel my sunburned skin?

Okay.. I am sunburnt and am starting to peel in spots on my back and shoulders. The top layer of skin peels off very easily if I touch it. Should I peel it? (I look like a cheeta!) or should I leave it and wish for the impossibble? (an even skin tone)???

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Never peel your skin off, it will fall off when it is ready. If you peel it, not only are you more likely to get an infection, but also you can scar.

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Ya, don't peel off your skin...I burnt a lot and your skin peels becuase it is dry, so when you start to peel the first thing you have to do is MOISTURIZE! It helps so much! So try not to touch it and just keep it moisturized, that way you have a better chance of getting a tan too. Hope this helps.

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You shouldn't peel it off too soon. The skin underneath it is still getting healthy and ready for contact with the outside world and all the germs that come with it.

If you peel the sunburned skin off too soon (ie. it doesn't come off easily or flaky and the skin underneath looks raw and pink) you are exposing that fresh layer to bacteria.

Good luck.

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No, I wouldn't peel it, just let it fall off by itself. Sometimes when you peel it, you can pull too much off and it could get infected.

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What happens when you peeled it and the skin underneath is pink? My forehead right now has a pinkish color (near the hairline) after I peeled some of the skin off... So right now my face is tan but that part near my hairline is pinkish... Will it even out?

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I got terrible sunburn and I peeled my skin thinking that I will have an even tan. Duh..was wrong. Now, I look like a freak with reddish pink nose from peeling to excessively. My forehead looks worse =( I gotta put my fringe down to cover it.

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That is one thing you shoulnever do. Just go out and buy some Aloe Vera to put on your sunburn and then put an icepack where it is. I've tried it and it works!

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I personally am peeling after a long weekend at the beach, mainly on my face though, moisturizer has worked pretty well so far to keep my back shoulders and chest from peeling but my face peeled anyways. my skin started to peel so I stupidly gave it some unneeded assistance, my face now burns when I put moisturizer on, I wouldn't advise peeling sunburn aha :P

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