Peeling stinging sunburn

I have sunburn. It hurt a lot before, but now, it is peeling on my left sholder in only one kind of small spot and on my right sholder and back. Whenever I put on that aloe stuff, it stings like crazy. I dont know what to do to it. Any help? Oh yeah, it also itches.

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I got the same thing a few weeks ago on my forehead!!
It took about 2 weeks to heal and stop peeling but from what I can remember,shoulders take longer to heal because the sunburn goes through more layers of skin or something?!

I guess by aloe vera stuff,you mean after sun lotion??
When I applied it on my peeling sunburn,it stung at first,then stopped after a few mins!
Is it constantly stinging for you?!

Once my sunburn had been healing for over a week and wasn't as raw,I started using a towel dampened with COLD water to exfoliate the dead peeling skin off.
Be very gentle doing this and go in small circular motions.
If it hurts then don't do it!!

I used sudocream on my burn. It's actually for sunburn and rashes and stuff. I layered it on and found it cooling and I think it helped my healing!!:)

This sounds crazy but to take the sting out of your sunburn you need;

*To have a cold shower and once you have dried off, smear yogurt onto the burned skin. I would advise plain yogurt, because it is not as sugary and therefore is not as sticky as flavoured yogurt. You do not need to layer it on, just use enough so that the area is covered.
*Wait about 15 minutes or until the yogurt has dried. Then take another cool shower to rinse off the yogurt.

I've heard about milk of magnesia being used on sunburn! (what's used on chickenpox!)

Milk of Magnesia is one of the best products to use on a sunburn to let you sleep at night. This product will keep the sunburned area cool all night long.

The best way to use this is to stand in the shower/tub and pour the Milk of Magnesia into your hand and wipe it over your sunburn (if you can't stand the touch, you can use a cotton ball to lightly cover the sunburn). Once the product dries, you can go to bed. In the morning, just shower to remove.


*If the sunburn is blistering, it's a second degree burn and you should go to the ER and have it looked at, so that it doesn't then become infected (which is VERY common).

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