How can I help myself from this depression?

I want to kill myself…please help, I attempted so much, I am a cutter, a junkie and I don’t know how I can save myself now, I am only 13 as well

Answer #1

Hey I just wanna let you know your not alone. I don’t cut myself but sometimes I think about suicide and how much I hate myself and those two things together are obviously not a good combo but then the other day my friend said to me she felt depressed. I asked her what about and she told me how she hates herself, how she wish she could be with her real mother, and how she wish her fahter never raped her when she was younger. (Obviously she has had some rough times) I talked to her about it and within time she felt so much better and know she has learned to love herself, and know that there are people that are actually worse of than her. Some people have lost their loved ones… some have been through September 11th and lost a loved one. There are so many people that are suffering from depression. I am too. I had it last year, I was a sophmore. And now over the summer I am getting it back again and Im worried about the school year and how thats going to go for me. I’m 16. WHAT YOUR OPTIONS ARE: Call a teen help line Talk to someone you love Get therapy Or get on some kind of medication

*I have looked this type of stuff up before for myself and these are what they say. They also are encouraging in ways. I looked up:”symptoms of depression” and I had all of them except like 1. I wasn’t suprised though. But trying to kill yourself is not the answer to “get away from the world” OR “stop your suffering” … It only causes confusion and sadness towars others. Death causes sadness. Sadness causes depression. Death causes all of these. So don’t kill yourself. Just use one or all of my tips!!! I HOPE I HELPED YOU OUT!!! GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU GET BETTER!!!

Answer #2

omg 3mo$ i feel the same some days i just wanna slit my throt ,stap myself in the stomach,or if i had a gun id shoot myself in the head can some 1 help me i even tried 2 hang myself but i was 2 afraid 2 do it im also a cutter

Answer #3

u need to talk to ur parents or sum 1 who can help killing ur self only makes every thing wrose plz belive me when say there is sum 1 out there who can help i kno people may pick on u or try 2 hrut u but 4 get them nd juss do u plz dont kill ur self its bad way 2 die

Answer #4

message me if u want to talk. I’ve felt like that before. and im also a cutter.

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