What would be a good lead for a persuasive paper on getting a dog?

So I had a dog, he died a couple months ago…he was 7…my parents are in a bad, messy divorce, and I really truly beleive me and my mom would be closer if we got a dog agian because my sister is going to college and I hate my dad so it wld b just the two of us…I want a dog again because everything is better and I love dogs…were wighting a paper for l.a. On persuasion and I need a good lead…help???

Answer #1

what a good idea to write a paper as to whi it would benefit you and your mom. Focus on learning and maintaining responsibility. That you want to keep having responsibilities that will better prepare you for the future. Let her know how you feel, if you feel alone and need a companion, im sure that is something she will understand. Good luck!!

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