Stupid family trouble.

Well, my mum fell out with my only life line my nana and now she fell out with my sister she was even screaming at my lil brother forcing him to cry.

She hit my sister so hard yesturday, that she hit the floor she was screaming so loud into my face that everything went numb. Everything I worked for like my coursework she ripped off my shelves and through all over the floor. Screwed up ripped up all of my two years of work all over the floor again. And she wont let me stay at my nanas because they have fell out so I have no where to go so I have to stay here. I really dont know how long I can be here for. She just makes me feel so low and depressed that I juat dont care any more.

After years of my mum I've finnally given up the fight I cant physically, emotionally and mentally cope. But what she does I cant control shes too strong and overpowering im scared of my own mother and have been for a long time.

Any help or advice?

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well talk to sumone that will do sumthang because I got taken awy from my mom because her husband was sexually abusing me and tried it on my sitster and her friends and I tried to tell my mom but she wouldn't believe me so I had to tell sumone that would take care of it so just tell sumone that will listen to you and actually do sumthang about it

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Okay so why don't you explain the situ to your nana because it was your mum who fell out with her.

You know at 16 you can move out and your mum can't force you to comeback or stay, it's the law.

I am going to be in so much trouble

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you know I actually tried to talk to friends they actually listened for a while and now they dont care. its old news to them so I dont speak to them about things.

Just cus im young im stupid...?
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Ask for helps from your friends. This is really a serious matter. You may report to the police is things go from bad to worst.

I hope everthing will be fine soon. Good luck girl!

What: Madre trouble?

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try to get a caunseling session if you cn't stand it

Family Troubles..
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sorry just try to talk to who ever you can turst the much

Stupid selfishness

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Talk to your sister and brother then sit your mum down and talk with her. Or talk to a teacher or your nanas like after school or ring them.

This may be a Stupid Question but..
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Thats really sad. I think you should talk to someone. Dont care who..maybe even the police. Things will improve dont worry :)

Who. Does anyone think this is stupid???

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