What does course of study mean in a job application?

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What you went to college for...

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what if i havent gone to college?

what does degree/area of study mean in a job application?

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You write "Not Applicable"

What does "present occupation" mean on a job application?
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what bout for high school?

When they ask you Type of Business in a job application what does it mean?

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You can state that you are attending high school but that's not a *course of study*

What does Major mean on the Education part for a job application?
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If I were preparing for college in my high school years, I would have put “College Prep” in the blank.

If I were taking more of the trade school preparation, I would have entered “Vocational Technology toward XXX”.

If I were taking the bare minimums to graduate and wasn’t in one of the other categories, “General Studies” or “N/A”.

When I filled out a job application a few months ago, they asked for my high school course of study. I entered “College Prep.” Unfortunately, they allowed only two blocks for college studies so I could enter only 2 of the 5 schools I attended. The schools that got listed were for my MS in Engineering and my Ph.D. in Engineering Systems. The undergraduate degree went undocumented.

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