What is the best way to study for an AP test?

So I have an AP euro test tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’m gunna bomb it:/ I’ve been studying for the past couple days but we’ve just covered way too much(15 chapters) and I have way too many notes/tests/homework to study. So is there anything I can do to lighten the load?

Answer #1

Go through all of your notes and write everything that is needed to know down a couple of times over again. Im in AP Human Geo, and AP Psychology and that really helps and look through your book too. You never know, in our Human Geo there is a little website that takes you to the book online and a bunch of tests on chapters and cool stuff to help you study! And flash cards save my life!

Answer #2

It’s probably to late for this (sorry) but the Barron’s study guides are ridiculously helpful. Even if you bomb this test, get it for the big AP test in May. I used one last year for World History and smoked that test with a 5. B)
(that’s a cool face with sunglasses, btw. )

Answer #3

Well you just need to find your own way of doing things. Some people like to go trough notes and just read them over and over again, while others just want to do a flashcard game, write things over and over, have someone read the notes to them ,someone quiz them and so on. Also you need to find a place where you are contorble doing it, and also just not distracted. Make sure you find the things that you do while studing, some people listen to music, others draw or something, eat something and stuff like that. So just find your inviorment, your way of studing and do it. Don’t be afraid to take breaks either, your brain has to have a break too, so it does not become a pain, and just give up.

Answer #4

music on low, and lock ur self in your room!

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