How long does it generally take for contacts to dry out to the point you cannot use them anymore?

The other day, my contacts fell out and it took me around 5 minutes to find them, when I did, I immediately stuck it back into saline solution. However the last time I tried to wear them I felt really dizzy, although I am not sure if it is because of my lack of sleep and stress making my eyes tired, or because they got dried. They did not seem dry though, they did not shrivel up. And I use monthlies.

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My guess would be about an hour or so...overnight, I know from experience, will ruin them.

If you don't have saline, you *can* soak them in regular water, however, I'm sure that's completely unhealthy and that it'll probably make you go blind.

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iv used water alot for sleep over and il forget my case and solution. and im not blind...but i do need contacts to see, but it is unhealthy.

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it really depends on what u get suck as, a 2 week pair, monthly pair, or yearly pair, but it also helps if you take them out every night before you go to bed, if not they dry out faster, and may cause a infection

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well, it didnt make me go blind but they were so uncomfortable to wear when I did that! My eyes got really dry and irritated

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i have never tested it out, however I have done the same thing. I rubbed them with saline, like you do when you clean them, until they were soft again, then I soaked them for a few hours and they were fine. I didnt have any problems with them after that

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About 10-15 minutes it starts getting really dry and hard. After about an hour you should not use them again because they crinkle up when they are drying.

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