what happens if you stop taking your vitimen D and iron tabelts?

Answer #1

i stopped taking them ages ago and ive turned out fine (i think lol)! But just make sure to eat a balanced diet to get everything you need!

Answer #2

As long as you’re eating well, you don’t need supplements.

Answer #3

you dont need to take vitamin d supplements. as long as you get outside in the sun for a lil, doesnt need to be very long, but being outside in the sun, the body produces vit D it self.

Answer #4

It depends? Someone people cannot absorb things as well, I know someone who is anemic even though she eats a balanced diet. It depends on why you’re on the supplements. If it is doctor recommended, then you go talk to the doctor.

Answer #5

yeeea; the doctor told me to cause my iron is reeeeally low, and my viteman D is also pretty low,

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