How can I stop my hand from dragging in the pencil led when I'm writing?

So, I’m left handed, and when I write my hand drags across the paper and smears EVERYTHING. And I always get pencil or pen or marker or whatever all over my hand and it’s annoying. Is there any way I could stop this from happening? Like a different way of writing (that isn’t awkward) or something?

Answer #1

omg, i do that to! my friend, she picks her hand up, its really weird. idk how to explain it, it is just really uncomfortable how she does it.

Answer #2

Try lifting your hand a bit when you write(like, angling it), or hold the pencil on a higher location.

Answer #3

You can try using pen instead…no lead… just ink smudges ;) …actually, why don’t you try using a lighter touch - if you don’t press down too hard with your lead, you’re not adding excess lead to the paper to be smeared.

Answer #4

I thought you said “a light torch” I was just like O_o lol xD alrightie, thanks :) I’ll try it.

Answer #5

Hmm, alright! I’ll try ^.^ thanks.

Answer #6

…you made me double check it…thanks a lot - prey on my current medicated state.

Answer #7

When I work on something important, I just put a piece of paper under my hand, slide it along with me, and hope that the paper doesn’t pick ink up and smudge it anyway. It’s a bit of a hassle though.

Answer #8

I read it as light torch too ahha. I got really excited for a minute there.

Answer #9

My friend is left handed, and instead of dragging her hand along, she picks up her hand a centimeter and moves it every word or two. It seems to work for her :)

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