How can i stop my editing program from doing this (see more for details)?

I use Sony Vegas HD Platinum 10 to edit my videos and it always works fine (and I use an HD flip camera to record). Now I used the Canon Rebel T3i (or 600D) for a video and some videos will work but most just show audio and for the video it shows a red, green, or black screen or sometimes it ONLY imports the audio and says the video is having, like, streaming problems or something. How can I fix this problem?! I REALLY just want to edit my video:/

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I have the T3i my self, (very good camera may i say) and this hasnt happened to me yet. Then again i use Vegas 9.0 so i would say maybe try out different import settings on your camera to your computer, or try sony vegas 9. Hope everything works out! Cheers!

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