How to edit videos and what is the best video program?

I want to start making music videos and funny stuff. But I dont know how to make or edit videos. Im saving up to buy a camcorder.whats the best kind of video camera? Im not a real technology person, but im learning :) Im 14 and bored so I dont need a camcorder thats complicated and not super expenisive nothing over 150 buckkaroos.gimme your best advice and full details.

Please and thank you!! :p

Answer #1

Well I had this program on my old computer thats called Sony Vegas, this by far is the best video editing tool I know!

You can do sooo much with it, green screen, enhanced animations, cropping and editing, putting in words, I actually have a video to show you how good it is.

everything on the video besides the game has been done on Sony Vegas.

Answer #2

Its easy if you have the right software, things like windows movie make are good, I edit videos and stuff too and its easy to use. [ =

Answer #3

I recommend you to buy a flipvideo, which is not too much expensive, has wonderful skins, and capture videos pretty well. And you can edit those videos with ArcSoft ShowBiz. It can edit videos with wonderful effects and transitions, templates, animations, with a free trail for you to decide whether to buy.

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