How to dream?

how to dream???
I used to dream all the time but now I hardly ever do! I miss it so much, I liked the adventure, adrenaline, mystery, happiness, that feeling you get when you wake, if it was scary! that feeling is so uniqie!
why have I stopped dreaming? how can I make myself dream again?
is it something that happens as you grow up??
Hope not!
anyone know?

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Before you go to sleep, don't just get knocked the F'ed out. Lay there and think reaaal hard about a certain topic. Don't stop thinking about it!

Dreaming is good for you because dreamless sleeps cause you to be really tired.
And for the record, you do dream. weather you REMEMBER it or not. Because it is a fact that if someone haven't dreamt for a while, they'd be dead.

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You dont dream when you dont have a good night sleep. Have you switched matressess lately or maybe sheets and comfetors?

Do blind people dream?

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