How can I stop my dog from chewing up our blankets?

This is our second blanket we have had to put on the bed. Between last night, and now…she has chewed about 5 large holes in our blanket! When I see her do it…I tell her “no!”, and she runs away. The thing is, she does most of it when we are asleep, when we go out of the room, or when we aren’t paying attention. I bought her toys, she ripped them to shreds! She only has one left, and the only reason it’s not ripped to shreds is because it’s made out of a durable rubbery material.

What do I do! She won’t stop chewing my blankets up, and we need our blankets! >_<

Answer #1

Put cyan pepper on it, this is how I stopped our do from chewing on the trees.

Answer #2

Trees and blankets are two completely different things. Putting the cyan pepper on a tree wouldn’t bother anyone…putting it on our blankets…that we cover up with at night…will bother us. What if it gets in our eyes, or nose…? :/

Answer #3

True, I guess I ain’t no help here, and you are right that would suck.

Answer #4

Also I have never had a inside animal, unless you count kids.

Answer #5

It’s okay, I appreciate the effort. :]

Answer #6

im pretty sure, angel won’t care for putting cyan pepper on the blankets. Replace the blankets with something else and teach the dog that it is OK to chew the other blankets, but discipline it if the dog chews the wrong blanket.

Answer #7

That doesn’t sound right… :/

Answer #8

Dogs can tell the differences between one blanket and another one. give it a crappy blanket and punish the dog if it chews on blanket that you dont want it to chew on.

Answer #9

I would say but it some toys it will not rip, my dog rips any toy possible but we have found other durable ones, so just make sure it has something to entertain itself when it’s alone and if you see it chewing on the blankets give it a toy instead.

Answer #10

Have you ever heard of Bitter Apple Spray? You can generally get it from any pet store (PetSmart, PetCo). It’s just a spray that you put on household items that has a sour taste. It worked for our dog and he stopped chewing on everything in sight. It shouldn’t bother you; it’s ordorless and won’t stain the blankets. It’s non-toxic, it won’t irritate their skin and it can also be used when dogs have cuts or scrapes to make sure they don’t chew at it. It wears off after a day or two, so you just keep applying it. You can also make sprays similar to it:

Answer #11

Thanks! :D

Answer #12

Thank you.

Answer #13

spray it. I spray my cat’s when they scrath the couch. But now, if i squirt my older cat, she just stands there like she’s really brave.

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