Who know what this stiching is?

i love doing these. its like a pattern on a square cloth that u sew over in eny color u want. i want to buy more but im having trouble in knowin what they are called help please. i dont know what category would fit this eather... my friend tells me in spanish they are costuras i transleted it and nope that didnt help... some old ladies (no afence) like my mom and grandma call them servietas pintadas

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crocha? i dunno how tpo spell it?

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i figured it out its spelled crochet.. sadly thats not what im looking for but thanks

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oh ok no probie

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Embroidery? That's what the stitching is called, and I know that a lot of craft stores sell thread and patterns for things like this. I don't know what this specific design is called, but if you take it to a craft store, an employee there could probably tell you and help you find what you're looking for.

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hmmm that is verry true thanks ima going to check the embroidery out

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Cross stitch?

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no its not cross stich, thanks

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