How long does it take for swelling from stiches to go down?

I had surgury yesterday, and I have stiches in my mouth!

How long will it take until they desenegrate?

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Ouch!!! That hurts!

I got stitches when I was younger because I fell off a zipline thing at me school, and slid on a ton of rocks.

I had to get like 65... but that was because I tore off my lip almost completely... It was pretty bad.

Anyway, for me, it took like a month or so for ALL of them to go away, but I'm sure it's not going to be that long for you, because you probably didn't get so many.

It took about.. 2 weeks for most of them to start dissolving. It really does depend on how deep they cut and how many and what tools they use... Ask your doctor.

♥ and feel better!!!

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Between 7 to 10 days, u can suck on ice to help the swellin go down some

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