how long do an yeast infection take to go away?

how long do an yeast infection take to go away? can you have one while your pergo? does a yeast infection need to be treated or can it go away on its own?

Answer #1

You need to treat it and a lot of women get them while they’re pregnant, it’s very common. If you think you have one you need to go to your doctor so they can prescribe medicine for you. Do not use anything over the counter if you’re pregnant. It depends on which medicine you get as to how long it takes to go away…normally from 1 day to 7 days.

Answer #3

omg I had this happen to me and I do think im pregnant

I did use monostait and it worked for me, im going to the doctor tommorrow so ill find out of theres a baby on the way

Answer #4

They have over the counter (OTC) creams for yeast infections. usually takes 5-7 days, sometimes 10 depending on how severe it is.

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