When you do you start putting up Christmas decorations and put up your tree?

Weve already started buying things because this Christmas will be our first Christmas as a family alone in our own home. When do most people start putting up decorations, is it after Thanksgiving or do you wait later?

Answer #1

I notice a lot of people decorate after.thanksgiving. But some peopl wait until the 1st of the month. It is up to you when you want to decorate your home. If I decorated for christmas I would do what my parents did. We would decorate our tree as a family on Thanksgiving and put up the rest at a later time.

Answer #2

In my house, we put up the decorations 12 days before christmas and take them down 12 days after christmas. :)

Answer #3

When I was growing up, my mother always made sure that the house was decorated for my birthday which is December 11, so, traditionally…December 11th, lol

Answer #4

We start about the 19th or so. Haha late starters I guess.

Answer #5

when I get around to it…..so sometime between Thanksgiving and the second week of December. Anything after that I usually don’t bother since they won’t be up long enough.

I do know tho if you are selling Christmas trees you want to be out there VERY early on Black Friday, setup ready to sell. You wait much after that and you are screwed.

Answer #6

Dec. 1st and they come down on the 6th of January which is epiphany day. I have always been told these are the offcial christmas decoration dates and I stick to them! Well, except that time I couldnt be bothered and the tree stayed up until June…

Answer #7

my family decorates our house on thanksgiving while the turkey is in the oven

Answer #8

For our family, we usually do it after the 1st week of december or so. ;3

Answer #9

In my house we start putting up decoration outside, around a week after thanksgiving :] And we put up our tree around the 10th of December.

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