Who approves of the new style of Christmas decorations?

I’m not sure if you have them wherever you are, but I’ve noticed this year that there are a lot of black and brown decorations - black stockings, black garland, brown tree ornaments, etc…what’s with that? That’s not Christmas-y at all. What do you think?

Answer #1

i hate the color brown -.-

Answer #2

I don’t hate it, but I don’t see the point in decorating if you’re going to hang up dull black orniments, it takes away from what decorating is all about.

Answer #3

That’s like a gothic Christmas :/ Not too fancy or attractive at all. Not very Christmas-y is right. Why can’t we have Green, Blue, Silver, White, Yellow, Gold? The color of winter.

Answer #4

We did a black tree with skull decorations last year, however now that my son is old enough to enjoy christmas were doing more traditional colors and cartoon child like decorations for christmas. If i didnt have children i would opt for a different style like we did last year…but i cant resist how happy the cartoon characters and colors make him!

Answer #5

I alsothink it’s the “cool” thing, black everything and skulls, and what not. Now-adays anything “evil” looking is “awesome.”

Answer #6

It’s all about the kids, after all, right? :)

Answer #7

I actually don’t mind it but then again i like shying away from the more traditional things and going for the more unusual, i think that black trees with colourful decorations work quite well together though so maybe abit of both is good!

Answer #8

OMGG ! Mandy, thats soooo unique. You just reminded me… A Nightmare Before Christmas. I’d love to decorate as the Grinch who stole christmas… My family used to have someone dress up as Santa… Perhaps dressing up as the Grinch would be crazy fun! What are you guys doing this year now?

Answer #9

My house is done up kind of like Whoville…I had a big inflatable Grinch, but he passed away last year…guess I need to get a new one, lol

Answer #10

LOL ohhh Colleen haha. You two are inspiring.

Answer #11

i like all the colourful sparkly-ness that we have at my house (:


Answer #12

Not for me! Yule is all about the sun’s return and black just doesn’t cut it! We decorate it bright yellows and red to represent the sun and green to represent the eternal life (represented in the evergreen).

Answer #13

it is pretty neat but naaah i wouldn’t considerate doing it.

Answer #14

i do! i loath xmas anyway, but my ma passed and always got a real tree. a black one would make my day=]

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