vehicle won't start after ran out of gas and put more in it

I ran out of gas and I put a gallon into the tank but it still wouldn’t start up. Do I need to put another gallon in it?

Answer #1

Well I am a 22 year old male who is 90% illiterate about vehicles lol. So don’t feel bad. Some things I know lots about and some things I know nothing about.

Answer #2

my moms fuel pump just went out because she always runs it on really low. she had to buy a new one for $244. but thats pretty much all I know about cars. im 15 and Im a girl. lol

Answer #3

yeah usually run with about a quarter tank. I’m poor lol. and the gas gauge is messed up.

Answer #4

Yeah, I was taught, when it gets to half a tank, pretend it’s empty. My brother just told me 1 gallon isn’t enough for it to run. Also, if you have a fuel injector, it might work if you turn the key a couple of times. Good luck!:)

Answer #5

it could be the fuel pump. do you always run it with like a quarter of a tank or less?

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