What is a good way to start looking for someone that IRS can't even find?

My Dad Has Not Been Around And I Feel A Piece Of Me Is Missing And I Have Lots Of Questions For Him. So Can Anyone Help Me??

Answer #1

I would try to find him, or someone related to him on a social network site. or you could hire an investigator but this could be pretty pricy.

Answer #2

You could try doing a google search on him and try the social sites like Twitter or Facebook. If you can’t find him you may be able to find a relative of his that might be able to help. If you have an idea where he lives you could check the phone book for that area.

Answer #3

If he’s hiding then I doubt he will be on facebook :S My only suggestion would be to ask your mum/auntys/uncles etc about friends he used to have when he was around. Go to them, one of them may have received a phone call or heard from him or his whereabouts. You could try asking at old employers too, chances are he will stay in the same work field- they may have heard something about him. If you do get lucky and somebody knows what area he is in, then you could find all of the places he would work and call them.

Answer #4

Money is no object

Answer #5

The IRS cant even find this man….they have checked everywhere

Answer #6

Mom is dead have my moms sister she doesnt know much they never liked each other and yeah no other family members if he is alive its just him and my aunt

Answer #7

Stasha, I wouldn’t worry too much about the IRS’s inability to find your Dad; that’s not really what they are good at (I know from personal experience). There are ways you can look for him yourself, but it can be very time-consuming with no guarantee of success. If money is no object, as you say, then it would be much simpler for you to just hire a private investigator to look for him. They have access to much better resources for it.

Answer #8

i have before its like my dad is non existant they found his birth certificate

Answer #9

It’s great that you have his birth certificate. That means you know at least his full birth name and his year and date of birth. Does it also tell you his parents’ names and their city, state, and street address at the time of his birth?

Next you have to really grill your aunt about him. She may know more useful information than she realizes, and your questions could remind her of something she forgot she knew. Anyplace else where he ever lived? Any of his other relatives names (living or dead), or where they lived? Did he have any nicknames or legal name changes? Any schools or colleges he went to? Medical history? Activities or interests? Organizational affiliations? Was he ever married to your mom or to anyone else? Divorced? Did he have any other children? What kind of work did he do, where, and for whom? Did he ever own any property, like a house? Does he have a criminal record? Was he ever on either side of a lawsuit? Did he serve in the military?

Keep a notebook to collect whatever small bits of information (including educated guesses) you know or can learn about him as you go. After that, there are lots of online search tools you can start using, from Google and Facebook to MyLife to various kinds of public records searches. You may have to go to some government offices and pay a modest fee for some kinds of public records.

Think creatively about how to use different kinds of info to track him down. For example, you may be able to find if his parents had any other children, and then locate them. Try to identify as many people as you can who might either be him or know something about him. Eliminate the ones for whom you have information that makes them unlikely candidates. Gather contact information. Ultimately, you’ll have to contact people directly, tell them you’re looking for your father, and ask if they can help.

I hope you find him - and I hope he wants to be found. I’m happy to give you further support along the way, if I can.

Answer #10

Stasha, I just ran across an online guidebook for how to find missing or lost relatives and loved ones. It looks quite thorough and good to me; I hope you find it useful:


Answer #11

thank you

Answer #12

pipl . com is really a good place to start.

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