What causes tartar build up on my teeth?

Though I brush my teeth regularly 3 times a day,but it doesn’t seem to dissapear :/

Answer #1

It could be inherited.. I would go to the dentist, they would give you a better answer.

Answer #2

It doesn’t disappear because tartar is a hard brown substance that is generally quite hard to get rid of anyway once it’s on there. You need to go to the dentist to have it removed. It would have developed from plaque that is a substance containing minerals, saliva and small food particles. However, if you do look after your teeth i cant really see how it may have built up unless you haven’t been brushing them as regular over a long period of time. Also, sometimes we may brush our teeth yet not actually get rid of the food particles etc that are stuck. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to floss too and this may be the cause of the tartar.

Answer #3

Yeah I went to the dentist at the very first time I got it on my teeth.then she said I was kinda too much drinking tea (yes,I drank it like 3 times a day lols).but now I’m not drinking tea anymore,but it still is :/ yeah your right guys,I’d better go check it all over again to the dentist (: thanks for your advice (:

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