How do i get stains off my teeth?

ok so I got this problem with my teeth. I had braces for 2 years and I didnt brush them as often as I should have and when they came I had really bad stains on them. now (about 2years later) I have brush them everyday since they have come off and they are still stained. they are clean and some-what white but still stained. I have tryied the whitening strips but no good. any tips on getting them pearl white? its really embarrasing and I need some help.

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have yuhh hearrdd of toothbrushh

and I meann they brushh yerr teeth and cleann

if yuhh didnt knoww unless yuhh usee yerr fingerr

geezz... loll thatss probably cleaner then yerr mouth

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Did you talk about this with a dentist?

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peroxide works really well

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