Sperm in urine in women

Is it possible to get sperm in female urine and what are those conditions?

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Yes it is possible. You may cant tell it but its there. You can get a bladder infection from it. Thats why women get them so often. I suggest that after you have sex to go to the bathroom and try to pee to get it out. AND/OR take a shower with the nozzle head and clean yourself out. When I was in school I took a Parent/child class and thats one thing we learned.

hope it was helpful

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I don't understand why you are asking, but

if the woman had VERY recently had sex and there was sperm that contaminated her urine stream.

if you take a urine specimen and the container is contaminated (difficult as they are usually sealed.

if the person is an extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, rare hermaphrodite - and even then I don't think so.

I'm out of ideas. The above are in order of what I would GUESS to be probability.

God Luck!!

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